SUMamatic36 Series

The SUMamatic 36 Series provides an extremely accurate and reliable method for in-process weighing of product and monitoring of flow rate. Flow rate and weight accumulation monitoring with 0.2% accuracy.




FEEDamatic67 Series

The FEEDamatic 67 Series delivers a continuous, reliable, and uninterrupted flow of free-flowing granular material. The flow is maintained at exactly the rate set. Regardless of flow rate or changes in material characteristics, performs rate control with weighing accuracy within 0.2% by weight. more

FLOWamatic47 Series

FLOWamatic 47 Series are able to operate in flow monitoring or flow control modes for continuous runs, batch filling, or transfer operations, and can also operate in a bagging mode. Monitors and/or controls flow or transfer within 0.1% accuracy by weight.


Bench & FloorScales

Electronic scales & weight / count controls, including weigh counting, weigh platforms, digital or count indicators are built around long life and sustained accuracy. These similar units have been in operation for 15-20 years and purchasers of our new products can expect the same quality. more

Company News

28 January, 2011 B & R Technologies Inc. has acquired the technology to manufacture Comptrol Technologies' Scales
October 2010 Comco Acquires Comptrol's Momentum Technology. Comco Manufacturing Ltd. is pleased to announce it has acquired the technology to manufacture the Comptrol “Momentum” dry flow monitoring system.

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