SUMamatic 36 Series Flow Meters

Extremely accurate in-process weighing of product accumulation & monitoring of flow rate

The SUMamatic 36 Series provides an extremely accurate and reliable method for in-process weighing of product accumulation and monitoring of flow rate for maximizing the consistency and yield of a wide range of granular and/or powder products. These sophisticated units are half the size of conventional in-process weighers, while still providing the same throughput capacity. As well, no bulky garner hopper is required.



36S with isolation gate option


  • Unique single gate design and weight readings of 10 times per second, improve accuracy and virtually eliminate measuring errors due to vibrations.

  • Detects, rather than causes chokes - if the power fails, the weigh hopper gates move to the open position, preventing damaging upstream chokes.

  • Allows one additive feeder to be automatically regulated at a rate proportional to the real time flow rate.

  • Accuracy of better than 0.2% regardless of changes in material characteristics.

  • Can be remotely controlled by Comptrol's MillView Yield Management Software, an Allan-Bradley PLC, or your existing Windows NT based control system, with any of Comptrol's Messenger DDE software interface solutions.

  • Optional air pressure and vacuum isolating lower gate (shown).

  • Rugged, virtually maintenance free butterfly gate mechanics.

  • Sanitary flow-through design.

  • Ready for use "out of the box", with flexibility that allows the scale controller to be moved from the scale to a remote location, for more convenient operation. The calibration processor is a separate controller mounted on the scale for ease of maintenance.

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SUMamatic 36 Brochure / PDF: 620 KB / English / 2 pages

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SUMamatic 36 no Isolation Gate Plan-in Drawing / PDF: 55 Kb

SUMamatic 36 with Isolation Gate Plan-in Drawing / PDF: 57 Kb

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