FEEDamatic 67 Series Loss-in-Weight Feeders

Maintain exact flow rates regardless of changes in material characteristics

The Feedamatic 67 Series delivers a continuous, reliable, and uninterrupted flow of free-flowing granular material. The flow is maintained at exactly the rate set by the operator, regardless of changes in material characteristics. This unerring accuracy is crucial at the start of the milling process in order to maintain precise material flow control throughout the entire mill. That makes the 67 Series ideal for applications such as ahead of the cleaning house or first-break rolls, or for precise continuous blending.


  • Precise control of feed rate regardless of changes in material densities or moisture levels.

  • Weight-based accuracy - avoids volumetric/density errors.

  • Continuous flow - eliminates pulses caused by dumping.

  • Uniform flow, compact, and hygienic, due to new mass flow weigh hopper design.

  • Integrates into a mill-wide management and control system through any combination of Comptrol's MillView Yield Management software, Allen-Bradley PLC Interface, or Messenger DDE Interface to your Windows NT based control system.

  • Optional control output to regulate an additive fed at a rate proportional to the actual flow rate from the scale.

  • If power fails, the top gate moves to the open position and the discharge gate may then be controlled manually to set the flow rate.

  • Requires up to 44% less headroom than competitive units.

  • Precise control with fast startup and shutdown due to a maintenance free, force balanced electropneumatic positioner on the outlet gate.

  • Superior ergonomics - calibration panel is on scale while the operator's display can be located remotely or left on the tilting scale control panel.

  • Advanced, twin single point load cells on four isolated mounts ensure accuracy, even when load is off center.

  • Maintenance free, high torque, quarter turn actuators with sealed moving parts for hygiene and safety. 

Download a Brochure

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Feedamatic 67SL Plan-in Drawing / PDF: 56 Kb

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Feedamatic 67SH-14 Plan-in Drawing / PDF: 50 Kb

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